08 12 / 2013


A friend recommended a weekend visit to Deception Pass as a place with a bridge connecting 2 islands and beautiful views. Being in Seattle, islands don’t feel that exotic anymore, but the combination of the name ‘Deception Pass’, promise of beautiful views, the islands, waters and hikes still felt like and proved to be an enticing combination.


Deception Pass Bridge is located in the Deception Pass State Park at Oak Harbor, around 2-hr drive away from Seattle. It is the same route you take to get to Anacortes for heading to San Juan. We went there in late October as family was visiting that time, so got a good combination of Fall colors on the way and the anticipated winter gloom. But once we reached the Deception Pass Bridge, the breathtaking view blew us away, despite the fog! There is good parking space before and after the bridge. Recommend going in full winter gear if you want to walk across the bridge and linger to enjoy the view and take pictures. And going there, you would want to spend some time on the bridge, soaking the views on both sides.

We parked our car crossing the bridge; we took a small <1mile trail that led us to the Deception Pass beach. The driftwood on the beach, the brief sunlight, the sea-birds (for lack of better word) made marveling the bridge from the bottom more enjoyable. Couldn’t help thinking about the setting in summer and promised to come back in warmer weather. There are other trailheads from there to the amphitheater or the west beach which you could hike through, but we drove to those spots instead as we were short on time.

Hadn’t done much research before heading here, so just drove around to explore the spots and followed the brown and green boards on the road that announced trailheads or beaches. Another detour from the other end of the bridge took us to Rosario Beach if I remember correctly. Some short trails, grassy park, water, boats, the views, some information on tidal pools…sitting on the park bench gave good quiet time!


I am sure summer time is busier and I will be more enthusiastic to explore the trails and the waters and even try camping maybe. But all in all, a great one-day outing! Deception Pass has spots to enjoy the views from the top and the bottom, the beaches and the trails, without anything being over-tiring. There are some whale-watching tours and sunset tours that are available from this area. On our way back, we stopped by a pumpkin farm that sold fresh vegetable produce.


Address: 5175 N State Hwy 20, Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, WA 98277


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